Futon Choices

What Size? How Thick? How Much Wool?

Standard Sizes

We make all standard sizes from Crib to Queen. The sizes conform to the bedding industry standard sizes. NOTE: Many manufactured futons are not made to these standards, for example, a Full size futon should measure 54″ x 75″, we have seen many manufactured futons measuring 52″ x 72″. Standard sizes are shown on our Futon Prices page.

Custom Sizes

We make custom sizes for special situations such as an unusual size bed or for window seats. Contact Us for pricing on custom sizes.



is recommended for tri-fold or “A” frames or for those who prefer a firmer futon. If your frame has wide spaces between narrow slats, a thicker futon is recommended.


is a good choice for almost any type of frame.


A luxurious futon. Excellent for platform beds, but for bifold frames may be a bit difficult to convert until the futon gets used to being folded.

How Much Wool

Futons will compress with time and usage. The more wool we use, the less compressed your futon will become. The length of time until a futon becomes fully compressed depends upon frequency of usage and the weight on the futon. Generally this would be from 8 to 36 months.

Our “All Cotton” futon will compress about 50% and will become very firm.

The “Wool Cotton” futon will compress about 35%, still firm but with some softness.

The “Double Wool & Cotton” will compress about 20% and will keep more of its softness.