How We
Make A Futon

We make futons to our very exact specifications, using only the best natural materials (cotton & wool) to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Step One, Layering

The casing is laid out on our large worktable. Cotton or wool batting is weighed and rolled out on top of the casing. Any wrinkles or ridges are smoothed out to ensure an even surface. The next batt is placed on top and the process is repeated until we reach the desired thickness.

Step Two, Closure

Next, the case is carefully wrapped around the batting and zipped closed.

Step Three, Tufting

Tufting is accomplished using a strong twine pushed through the futon with an upholstery needle. Each tuft is hand tightened to a specific tension and hand knotted. This important and time-consuming step secures the layers of batting so that they can’t shift position.

layering futon

Cotton & wool batting layered, ready to trim

wrapping futon

and enclose in the case