“We are totally satisfied”

After considerable searching for the appropriate style and size sofa for our sitting room, we are thankful that we thought of a futon. More so, that we found your store and the choices you had available. Just wanted to let you know that we have assembled and placed the new Futon we purchased from you last month. It completely satisfies our need and compliments the room we intended it for. We are totally satisfied.

Attached is a picture. You have our permission to use it and our comments in your “Show and Tell” advertising. Please let me know that you have received the message and photo. I am novice at the computer so may have to try again.

Mearl and Karen R.

Hand Made Futon

“pleased with the quality and workmanship”

Hi Gerry and Teala…I received your wonderful futons last week, and I’m quite pleased with the quality and workmanship. They fit the two antique beds nicely, and I’ve spent a peaceful night on them. The wool / cotton smell is wonderful; reminds me of an old friends house – she was a weaver and had bales of wool stored at the house.

Again, thank you so much – I had a good feeling about your company when I was searching the Internet looking for futon makers…I wasn’t disappointed.

Much success!!!!

Tracee T.

“The futon worked great.”

Hi, Gerry & Teala,The futon worked great.

B Warrington

Hand Made Futon

“it’s just too damn comfortable!”

Gerald, I have a complaint about the futon we bought last Saturday… it’s just too damn comfortable! We find ourselves making excuses to lay down for a few moments, and we fall asleep for hours. It’s one of the best futons we’ve ever had… shame on you for making such a great product! Just kidding, of course… we love it! Thanks again for all of your help.

Sincerely, Kevin & Jen

“We love our new furniture.”

Gerry and Teala,I had the company camera at home briefly and had a little room left on it so I took these pictures for you. When we take time to get some better shots, I’ll forward them to you.

We love our new furniture.

D Montague

Hand Made Futon
Hand Made Futon

“They are well-made and comfortable.”

You shipped me two Futons a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that these are the best Futons I have ever had. They are well-made and comfortable. You guys rock!

Thanks, Jon C

“So looking forward to a good night’s sleep”

Hello dear Gerry and Teala,

Many thanks for your beautiful work of love…it just arrived about an hour ago. I have it on my platform covered with a wool blanket and about to rest a while on it while my spaghetti sauce simmers and Charlie get home.

I guess it was an oversight on my part not to realize that you also have futon covers.

So looking forward to a good night’s sleep; been on the floor for a few weeks since I threw out new ecofoam mattress.I actually felt better on the floor without it.

Happy customer, Vicki Jo F.

“I am LOVING the new futon!”

Just wanted to let you know that I am LOVING the new futon! It’s really quite comfortable, and my back is grateful that I got a new one.

Thank you for doing such great work! I was so happy to find a place that makes the futons by hand, and, better yet, makes them in the U.S.–I”m glad I found you.

Ralph B.

“Great service, very customer friendly, extremely accommodating”

Hi Gerry! Vijaya Hogan e-mailed me inquiring about my futon experience with Small Wonders. Thought you might be interested in my response which I pasted below.


Hi Vijaya!

I did a lot of research on futons prior to buying mine from Gerry at Small Wonders. I have never once regretted having done business with Gerry. My futon is excellent quality. I have never slept better. Made completely buy hand, this futon lasts and lasts without losing its firmness. I turn/rotate it every week when I change the bed sheets. This preserves the quality. My futon is now several years old. One would think it is brand new.

Because I was so happy with my first futon from Gerry, last year I bought a second one for my guest bedroom. Everyone who comes to my home tells me how comfortable the futon is, they sleep well on it.

The reasons I chose Gerry over other vendors I researched are:

1. Great service, very customer friendly, extremely accommodating 2. I initially was looking for an organic futon. The method Small Wonders uses in making their futons, though the materials are not organic, convinced me this was the next best thing. 3. I also ordered my frames through Gerry. He works with another company based out of New Mexico known for their handcrafted frames and natural varnish. It was this aspect that drew my attention. I did not want chemicals of any kind in my futon or frame. I was very happy when Gerry told me about this company. Though expensive, I have never once regretted the two frames I bought for my futons. They are beautifully handcrafted, void of chemicals, light, easy to move, and fit nicely in my rooms. 4. Touching back on the service aspect, Gerry’s partner spent considerable time on the phone with me describing material patterns when I was ordering my futon slip cover.She sent me a few samples I expressed interest in from the company Small Wonders works with which helped me make a final decision for that particular futon.

All-in-all, you cannot go wrong making your purchase at Small Wonders. Gerry is a wonderfully warm, professional individual who will look after you from start to finish. He is always available to take your calls or e-mails (I sent him plenty, he always e-mailed me back promptly), and will give you the best service scarcely found these days.

I hope my comments help you decide. Choose Small Wonders. They are a terrific company with the best quality of futon out there.


“everyone wants to sleep on it”

Hi Gerald

That is great! The futon is sooo nice and comfortable – everyone wants to sleep on it 🙂 I was changing the sheets this morning and turned the futon around I couldn’t beleive the wonderful wool/cotton smell is still there … very happy with it! it was a great great buy! Also Rachel’s eczema improved a lot since she started to sleep on this futon.I will check with my husband what we need this time and will give you a call next week.

Have a great holiday weekend!